Installing web-content without the yunohost interface?

Hi all,

is it possible and useful installing web-content (like cms, and so on) without the yunohost interface on a yunohost server?

Can I create a domain via yunohost interface and jump with sftp to the web-root of this domain and upload the web-content?

web-content can be:

  • simple html structure
  • a simple file based cms or other app
  • a databased cms or other app

a question in this context: can I create a simple mariadb / postgresdb database with an own user and password via commandline or yunohost webinterface?

YunoHost is a very complex software that manage all (many) admin-tasks, necessary to admin a server. This software has a lot of scripts doing that all. So my first idea is: dont touch all under the yunohost-interface. Do what yunohost can do. And for the rest use an other server (plain debain or what ever.)

What do you think about this?

There is exactly an app for that, called my_webapp, that will create a folder (maybe with sftp access, I am not sure), can provide a database, and will link the app to a domain/path (as other apps do).

For apps present in YunoHost’s catalog, I suggest to use them, but for others, you can also use my_webapp to host them.

This sounds good! Thank you for that hint :slight_smile:
So this is a good option when the yunohost-conncector of a software isnt maintained again. Than I can install the software by my self.