[INSTALLATION] Yunohost Partionnement NAS

Hello everyone,
I have some issues with the installation of Yunohost on my new Nas…
I have 3 disks

*** 1 HDD 1TO sda**

*** 1 SSD 250GO sdb**

*** 1 HDD 1TO sdc**

I would like to install Yunohost on the SSD 250 G

So I use GPARTED to prepare my disks:

  1. One primary partition for swap (8GO)
    system file: swap linux

  2. One EFI primary partition of 2 GB
    system file: FAT32
    Flag: boot + esp

  3. One primary partition of 240 GO for YUNOHOST
    system file: EXT4

Then I plug my usb stick with Yunohost → graphical install

Arriving at partionning, it tells me “no ufi partition found”, I clicked on continue and the I had an error about grub could no be installed.

I’m lost… I don’t know if my method is the right way to create efi partition…
Do you have an idea ?

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If you can’t succed with the yunohost iso, you can try with the debian one (without installing graphical environment) and next do the setup like a VPS.

thank you for your answer, should I use the latest release of debian or and old version ?

To install YunoHost 4.X (stable), you need to install Debian 10 (Buster)

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