Installation of 2 community apps fails

You have to do $yunohost app ssowatconf and the check it , I guess.

I just gave that command to my server, and it still tells me that Rocket.Chat has been incorrectly installed.

Note: I am using the method with git and cloning it.

You suggest you to connect to the YunoHost support room and ask for the help there.

Could my new error message be of any use?

Hi @antaeusdk, in addition to the issue with the domain check - has changed download locations of the bundle package. please see where I have addressed a quick fix for that problem (by changing to the correct url). Can you pleasde try to clone this revision and test?

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@selamanse I am terribly sorry, my knowledge with git is virtually not there.

I know how to clone a master, but pull, merge and that sort I don’t know.

no problem - we already merged the fix - you can retry to install the rocketchat_ynh app in a normal manner now.

So a normal git clone would do?

Below attached image is the new result.

I changed the “90” in the to 180, and now it is installed.

Great. I guess the hardcoded 90sec wait time may be to short for slower systems… What specs do you have on your machine?

I also found that the ynh_die section is not working as expected. So I’m having a look into that (

@selamanse I am running the Yunohost installation on a dedicated core from a i5-2390T CPU, and 4GB memory. The installation is running through Hyper-V installed on Windows Server 2012, on an HP Enterprise Microserver Gen8. The data is replicated across 2x WD Red drives.

@selamanse do you know how one can log in to Rocket.Chat from a Windows Client or mobile client? The login is sent to YunoHost SSO, and that is not supported by Rocket.Chat apps . I know this is off-topic :frowning:

currently the ynh_package for rocketchat doesnt connect via ynh_sso (although there are sso possibilities within rocketchat). To get you running you should disable sso for rocketchat when installing the ynh_package for now until that feature makes it to the ynh package. you will be able to log in to rocket chat via your ldap users (first user logging in becomes admin!)

@selamanse Thanks for your work. The RocketChat is running smoothly on my server.

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@antaeusdk odd… seems you assigned enough resources. maybe the hdds are the bottleneck? (are you running large copy jobs on another hyper v instance? :wink:

How do I disable ynh_sso during install?

Alternatively, could I remove rocketchat references from /etc/ssowat/conf.json ?

@antaeusdk currently you can bypass sso if you set is_public to yes while installing rocketchat_ynh

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