Installation etherpad_mypad

Bonjour tous le monde,

Lors de l’installation d’etherpad_mypad sur mon instance Yunohost j’obtiens une erreur lors du redémmarage du service Etherpad_mypad. Visiblement le service ne parvient pas à redémarrer dans les temps.
Voici le log d’installation:

Merci d’avance pour vos retours et bon week-end :slight_smile:

Hello GotExx

That’s indeed looks like an issue about the time Etherpad used to start its service.
What kind of device is your server ? A Raspberry Pi, a VPS, something else ?

hi !
Thanks for your reply !
My server is an KS-6 from kimsufi:

Clearly an I5 and 16Go RAM should be enough to run etherpad :wink:

Did you retry to install, to see if it’s a temporary error ?

I have retry today but the error is still there :confused:

I see in your log

SyntaxError: Unexpected token k in JSON at position 208
at Object.parse (native)
at Object.reloadSettings (/var/www/etherpad_mypads/src/node/utils/Settings.js:387:24)

That looks like an error because of a password with a lot of special characters.
Is your password using special characters ?

wtf… it’s work :smile:

Thank’s !