Install yunohost without installing too much services (light install)

I happen to have an armel device (which is not supported), but I am wondering why installing yunohost would install:

  • a mail server
  • php
  • mariadb
  • redis
  • ldap

I find this might be too much for my server. What I’m looking for in YunoHost is to have a web front-end for my debian where I can enable or not services like mail or ldap (YunoHost applications?).

Is it possible to have a light version of YunoHost?


Right now it’s not possible to do this (though you can easily disable services in the admin interface). The reason is (imho) mainly that there is not much gain in having the availabilty to not install all the mail related stuff (for instance).

There is a huge myth regarding the fact that installing and running services is heavy. A raspberry pi 2 or 3 is much more poweful than what people excpect (because we usually think cheap = not ppwerful). Serving web pages or mails or running a few services in background is pretty cheap. The only reason you might want to not install some services is that you really want to optimize the use of your limited hardware (e.g. lower than 256 Mo RAM, lower than ~700 MHz CPU, limited storage, lower than 100 ko / s connectivity, …). Right now Yunohost aims to providing a system that just works in the general case, not an optimal system for specific hardware and specific needs :confused:

About php, redis and mariadb we could remove it from needed packages (because it is only needed by some apps).

However, there is a lot of reference to mail server and ldap in the yunohost core. Without ldap there is no yunohost (a lot of yunohost data are stored in it).