"Install with YunoHost" badge to share with official apps teams?

Hello all,
I saw on several apps’ websites that they have “install with” or “deploy to” sections (e.g., https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat#deployment)
So I thought that creating such a badge for YunoHost would make sense to increase our visibility.

The problem is that we can’t link directly to users’ servers because of decentralization. So I built a small prototype similar to the “share to diaspora” badges. The badge redirects to a page in which users enter their server’s URL. They are then redirected to the app install page of their admin panel.

This is now part of YunoHost: https://github.com/YunoHost/install-app

You can see it live for Rainloop (official) for instance:
Install Rainloop with YunoHost

Note that entering your server URL or IP will redirect you to your admin page to install the app.

Or here with Duniter (community):
Install Duniter with YunoHost

Note that in this case you are not redirected to the install page (limitation of community app). You have to manually enter the git URL to install. I’ll open a ticket.

So the question is: for which apps should we advertise this to official maintainers?
Feel free to contribute to the widget


That’s a very good idea for the promotion of the project !

For your information, I added this badge on Shaarli, FreshRSS, Wallabag, Zerobin, Jirafeau and Nextcloud app :slight_smile:

And if anyone wanna help for the (long ^^) list of other apps, feel free to do it ! :slight_smile:
It’s just a simple copy-paste in every readme.md file, so no technical stuff here, and maybe a good first task to get used to the contributing stuff ? :wink:


Dokuwiki also have its badge now :slight_smile: