Install Nextcloud update and avoid data backup

Hello, thanks for any tip.

I just wondered how to update a YunoHost app but avoid the backup of the whole data of the App. I think I have enough storage for this, but it would take a day or two if all the Nextcloud data would be included in the backup.

So questions:

  1. Will the Update of Nextcloud cause a whole backup of Nextcloud including the files stored in Nextcloud?
  2. If a full backup will be done, can this be avoided?
  3. Am I missing something?

(I know there is no update available now, I am just curious.)

Thanks for your help.

The Nextcloud update makes a backup only for the core, not for all the files that you have stored in.
So for instance, my latest Nextcloud backup is of 2GB (but I have hundreds of GB files).

  1. by default, no, it is set no to save the data (using the option described here ↓)
  2. You can use BACKUP_CORE_ONLY=1 if you like to backup with the data. Or =0 if you don’t want that. See :

Thanks for the reply, that is great, so it will only backup the settings and the database or so I guess. That is great to hear. The data is on a raid drive anyway, so it should be rather safe and I will include it in a Borg backup at the point when I start using it more.

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