Install and manage BOINC

Hi there o/

I’ll quote the debian package to present it:

The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a software platform for distributed computing: several initiatives of various scientific disciplines all compete for the idle time of desktop computers. The developers’ web site at the University of Berkeley serves as a common portal to the otherwise independently run projects.

I think it should be cool to allow easily use of BOINC on YunoHost servers, as a computer running all the time can certainly perform some useful tasks sometimes.
But there’s a problem: the BOINC client can easily run as a background task, but the BOINC manager, the tool that allows to choose on which projects the computer should work, is, as far as I know, only a graphical tool, which means unusual dependencies for a server, and some difficulties to launch it.

The official website has a page listing compatible applications. There’s an old PHP GUI that I tried, but I didn’t manage to make it work yet (after a very quick try, thought).
Other listed thinks doesn’t look very useful.

So, if anyone has some suggestions about this…