Install a TURN server for Nextcloud Talk

Doing telnet myturnerserverdomain.tld 3478 I got :

Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

ok, so it seems that there is a firewall on the turn server that block the connection to port 3478

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Hum… there is an info I neglect that may help us to understand: the Turn server is installed on a VPS with a YNH server.
Do you know how can I check form the CLI if there is a firewall and how I could change it?

Thank you @Benance !
I got it !!
I ran: yunohost firewall allow UDP 3478 on the distant YNH server were I have installed the turn server and everything is now ok.

That was the only “little” thing to do :slight_smile:
In order to setup a turn server on a server were a YNH is loaded, do not forget to open the port!



I take this opportunity to ask you if there is an advantage to install a coturn server instead of the defaut configuration with Stun? Is the quality better? I thought that coturn wasn’t required for multiple users but a signaling server. Why coturn is necessary?

@Benance : Did you test this?

As far as I understand, a turn server can be useful to connect people from different networks.
Here is the explanation of what nextcloud talk works (extract from the nextcloud official documentation):

  • Talk tries to establish a direct peer-to-peer (P2P) connection, thus on connections beyond the local network (behind a NAT or router), clients do not only need to know each others public IP, but the participants local IPs as well. Processing this, is the job of a STUN server. As there is one preconfigured for Nextcloud Talk that is operated by Nextcloud GmbH, for this case nothing else needs to be done.
  • But in many cases, especially in combination with firewalls or symmetric NAT, a direct P2P connection is not possible, even with the help of a STUN server. For this a so called TURN server needs to be configured additionally.
  • Nextcloud Talk will try direct P2P in the first place, use STUN if needed and TURN as last resort fallback. Thus to be most flexible and guarantee functionality of your Nextcloud Talk instance in all possible connection cases, you would want to setup a TURN server.

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