Infrastructure is currently under DDOS - you may experience issues with various services

Symptoms include:

  • yunohost instances not being able to auto-update the IP of / / domains
  • yunohost instances not being able to update the app catalog
  • the install script and preinstalled images being unavailable or super slow to load
  • the website / documentation being unavailable or super slow to load

(This should be mostly solved now)


Follow-up of the previous first attack which was a “classical” DDOS, we had a second attack designed to eat up as much bandwidth as it could (supposedly such that our provider would have a huge bill at the end of the month)

We put some mitigation in place but you may have noticed that downloading for example pre-installed images was heckfully slow. In an attempt to mitigate the attack we also banned some IPs (most from Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Hopefully we did not ban too many legit folks.

It now seems like the attacker left. We’re keeping an eye on how things are going before possibly lifting up our mitigations tomorrow.


(Turns out the attack is still ongoing and we’re continuing to fight it)