[Info] Successful installation on PCDuino3nano + owncloud


Hi all,
just to inform you I could sucessfully install and run ynh on top of a debian jessie image from armbian.com (kernel 3.4), for pcDuino3 nano.

Owncloud seem to run better than on my old cubox (maybe Memcache is better than APCU ?)

Small trick to massively transfer owncloud from one instance to the other :

## Les fichiers ont les droits utilisateur owncloud:owncloud
   cd /home/yunohost.app/owncloud/data/<user>/files
   chown -R owncloud: *
   cd /var/www/owncloud/
   su -l owncloud
   php occ files:scan # liste les fichiers et met à jour le cache 


Other trick :
Since I use nginx as reverse proxy, I had to add specifically the directive

# To avoid "Request Entity Too Large" error in owncloud

   client_max_body_size 10G; # set max upload size

(It’s correctly configured in ynh stock configuration, but has to be repeated in the proxy config).

Thanks for the good work !