Increment Backup


I probably read all the discussion about Backups (Borg/Restic/Hooks) but I am still not smarter :slight_smile:

What I want:

  • 7 Days of incremental Backups
  • on my OpenMediaVault (OMV)
  • via Restic

At the moment Yunohost only creates backup files which I can afterwards move via restic to OMV. But as far as I understand it … it backups everything all the time… so if I have 100GB of data and backing up 7 day = 700GB of nearly the same data.
Is there a way to only backup the changes with the build in tools and restic? Or do I have to backup everything manualy with restic (=> writing my own script - maybe somehas a good script?)

Do I get something wrong or does someone have a better idea?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Most important apps are nextcloud and vaultwarden

I have no full answer, but backups made via Borg are incremental (you can mount a full backup to restore it, but the files generated is a giant incremental database, that needs Borg to read).
So I have no idea about OMV and Restic, but maybe you can sync the Borg backup folder, and configure it to keep only 7 days (in my case, I have way more backups, but as they are incremental, deduplicated and compressed, the full backup is lighter than the original data).

Here is the summary for my NextCloud backup :

                       Original size      Compressed size    Deduplicated size
All archives:               16.89 TB             16.44 TB            514.39 GB

The full data size (only files, I am not counting the database) is 540GB.