Impossible to login through SSO - but possible for Wallabag/Nextcloud and admin interface

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m no longer able to connect to my Yunohost with the SSO web interface.
It was neither working for Wallabag or Nextcloud (which doesn’t need SSO to login), then I regenerated slapd service configuration (using yunohost service regen-conf slapd) and now it works.

Login in admin interface works, even if it didn’t work before my last reboot, and said Impossible to connect to LDAP server. Now it works.
(I found this Impossible d’atteindre le serveur LDAP but I already have the solution applied to /etc/hosts)

Changing my password doesn’t make any difference.
The SSO page doesn’t show any error message.

Nginx’s log shows a connection refused, with authentication failure.

Do you know how to solve this issue ? What if I restore a backup, only for system settings ?

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