I can't send nor receive emails :(

One week ago, i installed Yunohost and everything ran perfect. In addition, i could send and receive one test email.

But, since 4-5 days ago, i tried to send a email o receive it and nothing happens. It’s very strange because when i send an email through Thunderbird (to my gmail) i can’t see nothing in gmail, but when i go to my Roundcube app, that email appears on the send folder!

When i run this command:

sudo postfix status

…it shows:

postfix/postfix-script: the Postfix mail system is running: PID: ...

And when i run this:

netstat -aunt

it shows that port …:993 is ESTABLISHED and on :::993 is LISTEN. The …:465 and the :::465 both shows LISTEN.

  • Could i run any other tests in order to fix the mail system?

  • Perhaps are the ports blocked by Digital Ocean?

No DigitalOcean lets you do everything you want with your VPS ^^

Try to restart postfix with the command

sudo service postfix restart

Then, launch the log file watching with:

tailf /var/log/mail.log

and try to send an email and receive one. The file is supposed to be filling with information. You can paste it here.

You might be using a blacklisted ip.

You can test the problem by sending a mail to test@allaboutspam.com

It will return a mail with a url that will tell the issues, if there are any.

i cant send anymore emails ,i send a email to allaboutspam and tell me my mail server is blacklisted in zen.spamhouse.org
i will try to understand why im blacklisted,or if someone hijacked and use my ip to make spam…i go now read logs…

Hi @olho

Check this out. Relay for Postfix

It was working so good…im blocked by ip in spamhaus.org im not a owner of a Static IP address so i cant remove a ip from pbl.
checked the logs,only see diferent in mail.log your tests and helo=kload.fr
how much time i will be banned?
still cant understand why this happened

I think that you are blacklisted because your ISP’s IP addresses got blacklisted… You cannot do much about it though.

If you want a static IP address and a neutral Internet access, you can use a VPN access from an ISP from the Federation FDN.



Can I use the IP from an ISP from Federation FDN through VPN ?

i really want have back a full feature email,i dont spam no one,in fact i just used for send 4 or five emails …never liked vpns…so maybe i can live without a email from yunohost,until i change house,and there i will have another ip,maybe it works again,i just wanted to know what was my mistake,so for the next time that blacklists dont catch me:)

my ip changed yesterday,im not a spammer anymore,ahah,i now have again a full feature email:)