[hubzilla] installation debug

i had trouble to install hubzilla but finaly found a way to make it working :

but it isn’t what it should be for a stable community yunohost paquet :

extract of conversation on hubzilla with @andrew wich works on the ynh paquet :

I’m not against admins using git pull, but isn’t that the kind of against the purpose of the YunoHost app? YunoHost is primarily designed to reduce the work of self hosting, similar to how apt-get makes it easy to install Linux apps. Perhaps all we need to do is make the YunoHost package update script perform a git pull for you.

@Maniack_Crudelis @maxime && the Core Team :
what do you think about ?


Just to let you know, I am looking at “cleaning” this app.
You can see the progress there : https://github.com/polytan02/hubzilla_ynh

So far, we now have :

  • [x] Use of php-fpm instead of modifying the php.ini
  • [x] Download of sources for hubzilla
  • [x] Download of sources for hubzilla-addons
  • [x] Revamping of the install script to respect latest YEP (hopefully)

Remains to be done :

  • [x] upgrade script to be cleaned
  • [x] remove script to be cleaned
  • [x] backup script to be created
  • [x] restore script to be created
  • [ ] app to be tested !

And… Both of you having told about that with Andrew? Because he’s still maintain this app I believe.

i talked with him yesterday and gave the link to here,
you should work together :wink: