How to use DoctorCube?

So, I’ve installed it… now what? There’s no link given so I’m rather in the dark as to what to do next!

If everything went correctly, you should be able to access the admin interface through domain.tld/yunohost/admin or command-line through ssh admin@domain.tld .

Everything else works tickety-thump Kanhu: went without a hitch. This is my second install. I had it running on a Pi but I’ve migrated it to a Lime 2 so I can access a SATA hard disk and have better ethernet (I can see the difference on the local hairpin already!

DoctorCube is something from the community (the pre-built image specifically for these boards) it’s supposed to be some sort of monitor but I can’t find any docs for it.

Not the end of the world, the Wordpress site and Nextcloud are FAR more important and they’re working as they’re supposed to.

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Actually, as far as I know, DoctorCube is just an app which fix / tweak a few things on the install for YunoHost to run smoothly on the Lime2 (and in the context of the Internet Cube with the VPN/Hotspot), there’s no UI thing to expect :wink:

Well slap me sideways with a wet kipper and call me sunshine! :joy:

Thanks Aleks!

I did post a serious call to arms separately about the Wikipedia entry, you might want to give that a look. It seems important. I’ve compared FreedomBox to YuNoHost and apart from the FreedomBox having a more “traditional” name, it’s really not even close in function. Quite why YuNoHost hasn’t had more coverage is beyond me.

I’m no longer writing professionally so I’m of no help. I can ask BrideOfLinux to give it a look though.