How to run Yunohost at home with dynamic ip

i would like to know how you run your yunohost at home if you have a dynamic ip.

  • Do you use dyndns or own domain?
  • Do you use mail (with relay)?
  • What about the safety of the home network?
  • What kind of hardware do you use?

I appreciate all input!

Maybe we can get some Howto together for everyone?!

mustermann :wink:


There’s a page about it in the docs :wink:

For my part, on my raspberry Pi ynh, I use a dedicated VPN account with a public IP, provided by Grifon, a local ISP, member of FFDN. It really “cleans up” the connection of my server to the global internet, with both v4 and v6 !

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I missed that one. Thanks!