How to restore a yunohost mastodon backup on a non-yunohost machine?

Hi all,

I have a Mastodon instance, which I backed up from a Yunohost machine. Now I’m trying to restore that backup on a different, non-backup machine, but I can’t find any instructions.

The closest thing I have found is this guide, but it only says that I need to backup:

  1. My PostgreSQL database.
  2. My application secrets from the .env.production file or equivalent.
  3. My user-uploaded files.
  4. And my Redis database.

I imagine Yunohost has backed up all four, but I really don’t know how I can restore them now. Can I get a little help?


You are restoring on a yunohost or on a non yunohost system ?

If it’s a yunohost

  1. Put the backup files (.tar.gz + .json) into /home/yunohost/archives
  2. yunohost backup restore NAMEOFYOURBACKUP

You can get help for more options about this command:
yunohost backup restore --help

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