How to move apps from one host to an other?

Hi all,

I ve some apps installed at my yunohost-system. Now I want to setup a new and bigger server with yunohost. My apps I want to move from the old one to the new one. How to this?

My plan would be:

  • create a backup from the app
  • download this backupfile
  • upload this backupfile to the new server
  • restore the backupfile at the new server
  • when all fine, change the DNS setting at my domainprovider.
  • wait some time until dns changes are active

Is this a possible way? What would the best practice?

Some of my apps are:

  • my webapp
  • languagetool
  • vikunja
  • nextcloud
  • wireguard

MyServer runs ynh 11.1.7 (stable).

Thanks for your help

Yes, this is the way :+1:

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Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

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