How to install php8.0-fpm

ardware: Raspberry Pi (4) at home
YunoHost version: (stable)
I have access to my server : Through SSH YES

| through the webadmin - YES

| direct access via keyboard / screen -YES

Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : NO

Description of my issue

After installing Debian - php8.0-fpm is not installed. but i need it - Somehow it got not istalled as
dependencies - How can i install it now…

I was looking for an app that need also php8.0 e.g. Matomo - But if i install Matomo php8.0-fpm is still missing under services…
just did

sudo apt install php8.0-mysql

but that did not help…

SO how could i install php8.0-fpm?
thanks for help

yunohost app upgrade motomo -F should do the job but somehow it does not

PHP7.4 is the default version for YunoHost 11.

Why? What are you trying to achieve?

after an update of an App which needs php8 - php8 did not get installed by YH - now this App is not working right… i was hoping that with the upgrade do debian 11 this problem could be solved - but it was not.

yunohost app upgrade appname -F

did also not help

What could i try next? Thanks for your help

I cannot help you if you obfuscate your intentions. (cf. XY problem too)

What is the app needing PHP8.0?


I wrote an issue some days ago:

Your whole story about “i need php 8.0” is based on a random comment from a random person on the internet because it supposedly fix an issue that somebody else did not have with php 7.4 …

NO actually it is the main dev MARIO Vavti who is saying this


How to Upgrade
- Make sure you are using at least PHP version 8.0

Great so it’s not about “you need PHP 8”, it’s about “Hubzilla 7.4 has some bugs if running PHP < 8.0, so the app should be fixed for everybody”

If only this was clearly stated from the beginning instead of having to exchange 15 messages to get to that conclusion, maybe that would already be fixed …

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Oh sorry for that…
In the github from i posted many times and month ago about the need of php8 also for the update to HZ 7.2 and i was waiting for the next update - than when this update to HZ 7.4 was offered I was full of hopes that things would work… but they did not… I was thinking maybe also a server update was needed - so i start working on that also… but there were problem too… now after on week of try an error i´m maybe a bit concentrated - I bag your pardon - THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

I wrote this 4 month ago:

@tituspijean @ericg Thanks for working on a php-fix

please considering also to implement the latest version HZ 7.1

@kanhu implemented also the option to update the YH Hubzilla app by git - this did not work lately for me - it would be great if this would work again. THANKS

@rockyIII Please, also consider contributing to the package by proposing a PR to upgrade Hubzilla. (this is not hard: L.1 and L.2 to change in app.src and L.9 in manifest.json)


@ericg yes please teach me how to do things… Never done this before

So you say in branch “php-fix” i could make a request for changing
app.src from






where do i find the new SOURCE_SUM ?

and in manifest.json

    "version": "7.4~ynh1",
    "url": "",


    "version": "7.6.1~ynh1",
    "url": "",


Download the new Hubzilla core-7.6.1.tar.gz file to your computer (enter this adress in your browser:
Generate the shasum in a terminal: go to the folder where you downloaded core-7.6.1.tar.gz, and run the following command:
shasum -a 256 core-7.6.1.tar.gz
this will output: 52edfd5c0395f8558d0ad1ea0b466864575ebc377ed91ddb3194e190a9758cb1

so your app.src file will look like


you are correcte for manifest.json

Make PR to the Hubzilla_ynh repo explaining what is the PR about and someone will validat it.


Actually i´m not sure what the PR is about. What exactly will this change? is it for the git update function?

sorry need help:
if i click on “new pull request” and select “base: master” and “compare: fix-php” I can´t do anything what I`m doing wrong?

This PR will update Hubzilla to the latest version. There is plenty of tutorial on the internet to guide you through how to make a commit. You should make your modifications from the testing branch.

There is no git update function for this app, and it is not planed to have one since we are using tagged version