How to: Install Let’s Encrypt certificates

Yeah, uh… It did. A lot… I really should have read that before I posted, shouldn’t I? :stuck_out_tongue:

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What about these instructions??

Yes, what about them …?

Seriously, CaptainSqrt2, it’s ok if you ignore my questions.

I ignore your questions ? Are you a troll or something ? Was there even a question in you post ? You just posted a link with basically no explanations about why you posted it or what you expect people to tell you. Did you meant your link may contains simpler instructions than those in the original post, despite the fact that it’s meant to be specific to YunoHost while your link is probably too general for the average YunoHost user ?

Did you even took the time to read the very beginning of the very first post which mentions that the manual install of LE cert is now outdated since it’s now a builtin feature of YunoHost ?

Your response is a bit crazy. I am going to ignore you.

@assistance_pls, as @CaptainSqrt2 said, there is a LE integration in Yunohost. You don’t need to install manually the SSL cert, in fact I advise you to not do that manually for LE cert. To install one, you must go in your Admin interface, then in Domains. Then you must go in the configuration of your domain by clicking on it. You will see ‘Configuration SSL’. You click on it and then, if you domain is correctly set up, you will be able to add a LE cert.
I hope that it will help you,

PS: Pls don’t troll ppl, and moreover a Moderator ! :confused:

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