How to "ignore" a smartd message in YNH?

Hi everybody…

here’s my question: I got a HD in my YNH, mostly to make quick backup of the original stuff when I fix/modify/try something… I got another automatic backup (every week) set up on another disk, of the whole YNH.

The first one got the phenomenal and unbelievable amount of ONE offline sector uncorrectable. Yes. One. And smartd daemon is not happy about that. Ok, that’s one of its purpose, I get it. Thing is, it sends me two mails each day about it. Is there anyway to tell it something like “ignore” this warning, like you can do in diagnostic section, for instance ? Or eventually, only remind me every month ? Because every day, it’s a bit annoying.

thanks !!

Specs: YNH, up to date, on a GT110 II serveur, 4Tb SSD, 24 Go RAM… only for three or four years now and one (most-of-the-time)happy admin (me…).

Edit: oh yes, another one: smartd keeps mailing me at a wrong address… is there a way to change the mail address here ?

I have no answer, but some tips :

  1. Use the template if you want answer
  2. « Up to date » means nothing (it can if I read the topic today, but not tomorrow, and even less in a few months)
  3. For the email, it should be the email of the admin, that you can change in the user interface.
  4. Use the template :wink:
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no, it’s not the email of the admin… otherwise, I would have changed right away…

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