How to disable yunohostmdns.service

I’m hosting yonohost on a virtual machine and my provider asked me to deactivate a “mdns service” on my machine.
Yunohost comes with yunomdns.service vendor preset ‘enabled’. That means the service first installs it will be enabled on start up.
This services ‘yunomdns’ service takes care of publishing your ‘.local’ domains on your network. This is useful when you host in your own local network, but on provider-side it’s not ‘your’ local network

To deactivate the service connect with ssh and command

sudo systemctl deactivate yunomdns

you can check the status of this service with
sudo systemctl status yunomdns

This is not quite correct. The command is:

sudo systemctl disable --now yunomdns.service

Or using the yunohost tools

sudo yunohost service stop yunomdns
sudo yunohost service disable yunomdns