How to change yunohost DNS manually

Hello i am using YunoHost version
i want to use it with my domain from netcup.

Now i configured the DNS on my domain as described in Konfiguration der DNS-Zone | Yunohost Documentation

Now i have the problem, that in the yunohost dns-conf the ipv6 adress is the local one from the yunhost server, and not the external ipv6 from my fritzbox.

How can i change it to the external ip adress in yunohost?

Thanks for help

Are you sure that your fritzbox doesn’t serve public ipv6 address to your yunohost ?

What’s the 8 first numbers of your yunohost IPv6 in dns-conf ?

@ 3600 IN AAAA 2a02:908:

The first 16 numbers are the same, the rest is different.

yunohost is running on a vmware VM and the IP us the same whitch shown up there.

The IP my update script delivers is the external one

Yes but your yunohost server seems to have a public IPv6, so you should not configure the DNS with IPv6 of your fritzbox.

Thanks, i have change it manually. Now it was possible to get a valid certificate. I hope the rest will work to.
Tanks a lot :slight_smile:

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