How to change nginx configuration to allow embed content?

• Yunohost 4.1.6 on VPS
• Wordpress package 5.6~ynh1

I’ve created some content using H5P module on Wordpress.
Everything is fine except I can’t share my embeded content outside my site.

It seems nginx is configured in a way that does not allow its contents to embedded elsewhere (X-Frame-Option is set up at: “sameorigin”)

I do not understand how to change that on my server (and if there are security issues do it).
I also have a Peertube server on my YNH and embeded video are working perfectly (so I understand embed content is possible).

Thanks for the help!

You should add this line to the nginx conf of the app

Thks @Aleks
I’ve been able to edit :

> etc/yunohost/apps/wordpress/conf/nginx.conf

and I added the line juste before the last }

Is there something I need to restart in order to apply the change?

I’ve restarted the server but I’m still have the same problem
Do I have edit the right file?

Ugh no that was not the file to edit and that’s likely to cause issue …

The file to edit is /etc/nginx/conf.d/yourdomain.tld.d/wordpress.conf

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Great! It works! Tks @Aleks

Just a last question (for a next time): In order to get the change apply I’ve restarted the whole YNH server. I guess I could have I restart the web server for mydomain.tld ?

Clearly restarting the entire server just for this is barbarian

restarting just nginx is good enough, but still not optimal

Usually you should rather just reload the config (which keeps existing connections alive) :

# Validate that there's no obvious configuration issues
nginx -t

# Reload nginx
systemctl reload nginx
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