How to add my apps in YunoHost Community?



Is stupid question but how to add my apps in YonoHost Community ?

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By joining the Yunohost app group with the invitation you can fork your app to yunohost community.

#3 Ok

Thx for your help


Its better if you fork your repos to yunohost-apps and then add these repos link on the community page.


ok have make transfert ! is better fork ?


Yes forking is better. Unless you want to make the repo on yunohost-app organization and put the files manually to it.



Have transfert all :


Thank you very much ! I gave you admin right on these repos.

I don’t understand why ?


I meant forking is more convenient then creating a new repo and then copying your files to this new repo. :smile:


Yes, ok. But transfer ownership it is better than forking (it’s not the same thing), because of problem of branch and PR. :wink:

Well, if you want you can create a repo, and doing git commands to commit files (other possible solution)