How to add external service to yunohost admin panel

I would like to install memcached service in the yunohost instance and would like to monitor (status, start, stop) this service from the yunohost admin interface under Services.

Is there any way to make external services into yunohost? As it is a backend service like a daemon which doesnt have any interface and is not used by regular users (except by admin for configuration and integration to other php applications to boost performance), we cannot use the regular application “Install” (i hope).

Some tips or a way forward would help me and i can do some scripting based on it.

Thanks and Regards,

You can use the service add command:

yunohost service add --help

Thank you. I was able to add external services successfully.
On the other note, the way we have facility to install, upgrade custom webapps, can we also have any provision to install, upgrade external services in yunohost?