How long has your Yunohost server been running

Hey, I’m new to Yunohost, and I’m pretty impressed with what I have it doing so far. I was wondering how long people’s servers have been running?

My primary mail server is Main-in-a-Box… I am thinking of moving everything to my Yunohost…it does so much it sort of scares me to be my primary mail server…but then again.

So how long have you had your server? Do you use it as your primary mail server? Any other things you want to share to help my decision process… Thanks.

At least 4 years, but it’s more likely double that amount.
It’s my primary mail server, but I also have a secondary one on protonmail.

I used to have lots of mail issues, but over the years yunohost has gotten better and better with it’s mail support. So I no longer have them.

The biggest issue I’ve had with it was when the SD card broke down.
Be prepared to spend a full day or more figuring out what’s going on, buying a new one and reinstalling plus migrating everything, and making sure you’re not missing anything.

Another issue I’ve had, which I had lately was when my ISP started closing it’s services and I had to migrate to a new domain registrar. The migration happened before I was aware of it, so I unknowingly missed three days of e-mail.
And again, it took me a couple of hours to figure out the new domain registrar.

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My Yunohost has been running since almost 6 years now, on a OVH VPS.

It’s my unique and primary email server. Everything has been running better and better since then, partly thanks to Yunohost updates, partly thanks to the slow but steady quality increase of open source projects I use (Nextcloud, Wallabag, Wekan, Keeweb, Outline…)

The main issue I had is when the OVH Strasbourg datacenter was completely destroyed. Fortunately I managed to recover around 95% of my files thanks to various backups done a few days before the fire. I had numerous other minor issues, all of them linked to bad manipulations I did using command line interface :rofl: In both cases, what saved me was to have backups. Backup everytime before you do anything special on your server, backup regularly, if possible automatically, and you should be safe !


I have been running YunoHost on 2 different Pis in 2 different places for 2 years now (I did upgrade the microSD cards to 2TB SATA SSDs). Using YunoHost has made my life so easy. I don’t need to focus on small things anymore.

One of them I use as a primary mail server, but I have issues on the other one with my ISP and that is why I don’t use it as a mail server.

If you plan on using the server for streaming media with an app like Jellyfin, please do not use a Pi and use an x86_64 machine with decent hardware encoding support.

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Since Yunohost 2.x, I have different instances running, some of them since 2016.

Some upgraded to Yunohost 3.x and 4.x

Some backed up and restored to 4.x

All running 4.x now

as main personal mail servers

All using fixed ipv4&6 from neutrinet’s vpn, behind home internet service provider

  • 1 olimex lime1 with sata hdd on a (2016)
  • 1 olimex lime2 with sata hdd on a (2016)
  • 1 olimex lime2 with sata hdd on a personal domain (2018)

as small organization (from 3 to ±10 people)

Also using fixed ipv4&6 from neutrinet’s vpn

  • 4 vms hosted on different Proxmox servers, behind home internet service provider (2019)

as small organization using mailman

Also using fixed ipv4&6 from neutrinet’s vpn, behind office internet service provider

  • 1 old refurbished dualcore with raid1 hdds (2019)

as small organization

VM’s hosted at Hetzner.

  • 1 since 2016
  • 1 since 2018

I love the diversity but, as you see, it’s for single or few users (max ±10). All using the mail (sometimes as primary email addresses, sometimes as « pro » email addresses ) even if they also have other mailboxes elsewhere. I don’t think any of them relies on a single mailbox.


Thanks for all the replies, everyone. I feel a bit better about things now. Mine is on a Linode VPS and I’m paying for the backups, what’s an extra $2 a month for peace of mind, right?

I wouldn’t even call it “extra” or “piece of mind”.
It’s just part of the price, a mandatory $2 a month !

Be careful though, OVH managed to have even my paid “three duplicated” backups (=bullshit) destroyed…The best is to have backups not at the same location as your VPS. Even better is to have a local backup at your house regularly updated.

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That’s why I used to use borgbase it costs $2/month ($24/year) and integrates nicely with the borg backup app.

I only stopped using it when I setup another instance with 2TB of storage and used it as a Borg Backup server


I’m using yunohost since summer 2021. It’s hosted at Scaleway Dedibox and i have backups from it at home on a Raspberry Pi. I used Debian Vanilla before using Yunohost. My yunohost server is used as my main email server. I’m using Borg to create my backups

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I’m using yunohost since 3,5 years. At first it was a test on a RPI3B+ with a yunohost domain name at home and i thought i had to reinstall, but the server was working fine and i didn’t reinstall.
After one or two years, i make a backup on the pi with the webadmin and i restore it in a proxmox VM on a mini-pc.
This is my only mail since 2 or 3 years years even if i have some old mails that i never close (but not use)
There is 4 users and all use it as their primary or secondary mail.
I was forced to use only ipv4 because my mails were considered sometimes like spam with ipv6. Now, there is a yunohost setting to use ipv4 only with postfix and stay with ipv6 for the rest of the server.
I have 3 borg backup scripts, one for mail running all the 4 hours, one for apps and one for system running less frequently and i synchronise this backups with nextcloud. I use in addition snapshot before updates and proxmox backup solution one a week.
the server also runs nextcloud, wallabag, navidrome, snappymail and some redirect apps to test other apps on another yunohost server VM.

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