How is supporting work for Nextcloud 18 upgrade coming along? (No pressure!)


So, I know that there’s a bunch of technical issues that get in the way of being able for us to easily upgrade to the current version of Nextcloud. I also know that people care and are working hard on it. Thank you!

I’m just wondering how things are going?

I took a read through GitHub NextCloud 18.01 pull request comments and the Debian Buster support issue comments , but without understanding the full technical details it’s still a bit unclear how close/far we are.

Are we close? Probably months off? In need of testing? Is there anything us non-dev users can do to help?


Je sais que la question a l’air assez compliquée et chacun fait ce qu’il peut (et veut d’ailleurs) mais ce blocage avec Nextcloud m’inquiète pour Yunohost parce que c’est une utilisation très fréquente et une porte d’entrée vers Yunohost. Personnellement je me pose la question de trouver une alternative et j’en suis désolé.

We have to figure out a late issue about priority of Debian packages.
As soon as this is solved, we can expect the version 18 to be released as a testing.

Meanwhile, the solution suggested by Kayou can be tested (with other apps and especially apt upgrades).
But tests have to be made into a virtual machine, not a real server. This is not yet stable.


I’m also willing to update Nextcloud even if it’s not ultra urgent. How can we help on the matter ? I have a bunch of VPS I use for my VPN needs, I could use or lend one of them to the team if needed.

We may have finally solve the issue.
You can try the branch and gives feedback if you want to help.

Soon (I hope), it will be merged in testing. At this time to try the testing is always welcome.


Congrats ! I’m not an expert but from Github’s comments it looked like a nasty one

Thanks for you time !

I would like to try the testing version, but I’m not sure there is a supported way to switch back to stable. So I guess I’ll wait that the update gets merged in the stable branch.