How do you know if you need a aubdomain for an app

I tried installing tiny tiny rss on my but it failed. Im guessing that ttrss requires it own domain.
So how do you know if an app needs its own subdomain? Ive read through the docs on several different packages and havent noticed any that say wether or not they do.

Yunohost check if there is app installed on conflicting path.

For example you can’t install something on β€œ” after you had installed an app on β€œ”.

In the case of ttrss, it could be installed on a subpath or on a subdomain.

Note: installation of ttrss could have fail for another reason, you can check the detail by reading the end of logs of the setup process (Web Admin > Tools > Logs)

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Ok. I think Im getting it.

Ill check those logs. Thank you

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