How can we improve Yunohost visual experience (UX)?


Hi everyone !

(edit: added more context to the original message)

As I am helping Yunohost to improve their communication and the overall UX of the application, it would be amazing if you could share some stories about what you have experienced while using Yunohost or when you assisted people using it.

The goal here is to understand why do you use Yunohost, what prevented you from using it when you tried, what are the things you wanted to do and you couldn’t. Also, if you have assisted Yunohost installations, what are the things you noticed and could be improved.

For example:

  • How hard is it to figure out the website ?
  • You helped someone install an instance and s/he couldn’t find the documentation.
  • Some caveats that aren’t in the documentation and have appeared during the installation ?
  • What worked and didn’t during your last installation of the tool ?
  • When you present the tool, what do you say that works, what do you try to avoid ?

I’m really looking for feedback, insights, and other ideas, so really, if you used Yunohost and have something to say, go for it !

Thanks ! I’m looking forward to your insights ! :rocket:


Hi @piks3l !!
Very good idea ! I love UX & communication and i think you can do lots of things !
First of all, can we talk in frensh too or just in english ?
During this time i’ll think about my ideas, feedbacks and all !

Hi @LaBaude ! French is good as well :slight_smile: Looking forward to read you !

I was trying something last year :

Ability to change color. Light or dark theme or maybe giving option in admin panel to choose color. This will need an option for to change yunohost logo too because not all colors will go with white logo. Lighter color will require yunohost dark logo. Choosing a background picture like nextxloud have would be awesome.


and capacity for users to tune their avatar :wink:

@agentcobra : does your skin patch working ?

What were you trying to do here ? (I’m not familiar with SSO code)

thanks for you input ! :slight_smile:

About colors, I understand this is something people think about when think UX, but I’d like see if there were issues on some buttons, what type of services would you like Yunohost to provide you when you are on the main menu etc.

For example, on you current use of Yunohost, were there moments you didn’t understand the choice of buttons or menu ?

Actually there is not much there in UI that makes it complicated.
I have lot of mail-alias, so love to see pagination or a better way to see my email alias. Now my becomes huge and I have to scroll down till the last of the page to see everything on it.


Dans les choses à proposer de mon coté

  • clarifier la doc sur comment accéder au serveur une fois l’installation faite (comment trouver l’ip ?)
  • comment régler le lien entre le registar et yunohost : pas assez détaillé dans la doc
  • j’ai deux ndd sur mon yunohost et parfois la même application sur les deux ndd : cela m’affiche deux fois le même nom dans la liste des applications installées dans l’interface admin. J’ai contourné le pb en changeant le nom d’affichage mais j’aimerai proposer un filtre ou bien un regroupement par ndd
  • pour l’accès au application, on doit ajouter les utilisateurs un par un; est ce possible de créer des groupes ou bien de mettre une règle du type * ?

it was working before but I don’t know if is still working