How Can I Make Two YunoHost servers on the same network, accessible from the interent?

My YunoHost server

Hardware: A Raspberry Pi 4 and an 2010 HPE G7 server.
YunoHost version: 11.0.10
I have access to my server : Via local SSH and the YunoHost Admin Panel

Description of my issue

I have these two YunoHost servers on my home network. My main HPE G7 runs my production services and apps, and it has been for awhile. I only recently got my Raspberry Pi up and running. I would like to create a system that would allow this Raspberry Pi to be able to connect to my Cloudflare domains like my other server. The other server has been port forwarded and when I create a new domain in YunoHost, I add that A record to the domain in Cloudflare.

Is there a way to have two servers forwarding to the same port? Or will I need to use a VPN or a Cloudflare tunnel. If that is the case, how should I do so?

Thanks for your help!

A VPN can make things simple, but you can use one server as a proxy for the second.
There is an app (called redirect if I remember correctly) that can be used for this purpose.
I never tried this, but I think you’ll have problems with https, be sure to configure it on the proxy, the server on your local network might not be able to use letsencrypt and will only use self-signed certificates (but the web browser will communicate with the proxy and things should be OK).

  • install on any spare pc/server/proxmox/vm/etc
  1. on router point dmz to nginx proxy manager and port 80/443/81 to NPM
  2. in side nginx proxy manager, point each ip and domain to the yunohost local ip address.
  3. set all domains SSL on cloudflare to Flexible *might have to play with it depending on the application/website
  • mastodon on yunohost on NPM set to Full and give it, its own listing host on NPM, and might has to use Let’s Encrypt thru NPM not yunohost. still need to play with it.

we have the same hp server i think, i has a HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Server 2X 3.06Ghz X5675 6C, running proxmox 8

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