How can i install PHP 7.3 for wordpress?

not sure how to do this… have nextcloud running fine with 7.2 … but 7.0 is what comes up when i do “php -version” in console… wordpress seems to also see 7.0… but it needs 7.3 now for some software i need to install. [i know for a fact the plugin in question doesn’t need 7.3 but i don’t know how to edit plugin code… so lesser of two evils is updating php.]

Yunohost uses, as far as I know, a more or less basic Debian Stretch. The next version of Yunohost will be based on Debian Buster. Buster comes with PHP 7.3.

One could pimp Yunohost, but this may also mean, that other apps may not run error free any longer or yunohost itself. I’m very new to Yunohost myself, but this is as far, as I understood.

BTW, guys, Yunohost is a joy. You do a very great job!

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