Hidden services only for Yunohost app

I’m asking myself. Is possible to use Yunohost (for the easy way of configuration) but to propose all the apps in Hidden services only. I explain : all apps aviable in Yunohost are accessible via different Hidden services. Not with a public url like “mydomain/myyunohostapp”.
Any idea? Any advise?

Maybe as it’s not the goal of Yunohost, it’s better to start from scratch on a Debian base and not to use Yunohost in this case.

What do you think about it?

Hmm… Perhaps you could just remove the Nginx file after the app install, and then open the needed port in the firewall (in case of an application redirected through proxy_pass).

For instance, my Docker container app is not public facing. One has to create the public facing app and redirection using my other Redirect app. Therefore, some Docker containers can be hidden as a matter of fact. If the Docker container is available outside from the local machine (i.e. port redirection in the Docker container settings), then opening the corresponding port in the firewall makes it publicly available yet not through an URL.