Help with packaging application

Following the guides in the documentation, I’ve tried my hand at packaging an app locally for testing. I did whatever edits I think were needed in the install scripts and manifest, and I changed the url in the “app.src” file.

The docs then say:

Or you can use command line:

yunohost app install /path/to/my/app/package

What exactly is that asking em to point to? Just the install script? Or a .git package?

Hi there !

It means a path to a folder containing all the apps files (so the manifest.json, scripts folder, etc…)

Typically you can imagine something like :

git clone https://link/to/some/package
# this creates a local folder, let's call it "package"
# ... then you edit the various scripts and files the way you want
# and test it with : 
yunohost app install ./package

It would be nice if you can publish your app on git. Community can understand and will help you in much better way.