Help needed with SSO CSS files

Hi, i was attempting to follow the guide to “rebrand” my yunohost installation to make it look more professional and such … but when i changed the BASE64 image code to a custom image, the menu stopped loading. all together and i’m not sure how or why that happened. do i need to “regenerate” the menu somehow? i made sure i didn’t mess any of the CSS up. i’ve only edited the single logo image as seen here:

proof ynh_overlay.css is still intact:

Well uh, not sure to know what happens exactly … but maybe looking at the debugger with F12 could help ?

head and body tags are just blank. i restored the css file and it still doesn’t work… i don’t know what happened. there’s a yunohost command to restore various parts, is there a command to restore the SSO? … or well, the panel over lay?.. the normal SSO panel works fine. the overlay is blank for some reason. apparently its not the files themselves because i just restored them… and i don’t think its the permissions because i edited them, i didn’t overwrite anything and its all owned by root in the first place. can you verify my issue by changing the images in /usr/share/ssowat/panel/assets/css and see if it still works for you? i’ve “broken” two separate installs the same way and don’t know what’s wrong.

i’ve even now downloaded the entire /usr/share/ssowat folder from a working install and uploaded it to the broken install and the overlay still doesn’t work.

just want to make it clear that the panel itself works perfectly fine and continues to do so. its just the overlay that is broken.

Are you in a multidomain context ?

Well if you’re using a custom theme, it should just be a matter of removing the theme line in /etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent …

im not… i didn’t change /anything/ except the css file with the picture in it. i didn’t touch any themes or anything.

and about multi domain, no… there is only one domain with multiple subdomains.

Well when dealing with themes, if you follow the instructions, you are not supposed to edit the original files from SSOwat but copy them to create and enable a new theme …

Now if you want to get back the original files, maybe try to apt install ssowat --purge --reinstall

i followed the “rebranding” directions. it didn’t really mention anything about themes. is there a link to these “themes” instructions? they seem exactly what i’m looking for, i hope.

that command didn’t work. might be possible that nginx is the issue. is there a command to set the nginx configs to default without having to reinstall all the applications again? our IT person might’ve changed a header or two but i wouldn’t know in which file.

Well I dunno what directions you followed … this supposedly is the only piece of doc on the matter :

thank you! the one i followed was a forum post, not a page like this. thank you.

still having an issue with the SSO overlay… after using a different browser [safari shows the grey screen, but chrome seems to display a legitimate error “ refused to connect.” and if you remember i also had set to “default site” for my email server and to my sso login website. would that cause the issue? or maybe something else?] its not a forbidden… so its not permissions… i see the error in an iframe of “yunohost/sso/portal.html”