[HELP] 2 Cal/CardDAV servers but only one can be found



I have a CalDAV and CardDAV running on Yunohost in 2 different apps. One is for private stuff and the other for work. So the two should remain separate. Problem is, I want to connect both to my smartphone of course. Problem is the app DAVx⁵ only finds one.

I have Nextcloud, there is a CalDAV and CardDAV there.
And I have Dolibarr where I added Befox/cdav as an extension.
Then when I enter the EXACT path from Dolibarr Befox/cdav: https://domain.com/dolibarr/custom/cdav/server.php/addressbooks/user/default/ DAVx5 still only finds the Nextcloud path and the CalDAV settings from there.

Why does DAVx5 only find one path and not the other especially when I enter the path it does not find.

Is there any routing or firewall protection that I can’t get there???
Can who help me there?

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