Hardware upgrade of ynh running on office

Hello, I have been running ynh for around 8 months now on my office for my company, but also family and friends. I cannot say how much I am thankful for this project, also some friends made their ynh servers.
I have been running it on a rpi4 with 4GB of ram and an external SSD. I would like hardware more robust, in the case something goes wrong, as an IT professional friend advised me. I have been doing backup with borg on the external SSD now. I have a nobreak ups battery, should I really upgrade to a real server with raid and etc? it’s not a problem if my server is down a day or two.

It depends on how many users you have, what apps you are using, what you plan to use on the future. If it works, don’t touch it. If it’s not enough, plan the upgrade.

It has been working fine, with around 10 users and a few apps…average load when idle around 0.02, when working around 0.20-0.30 and ram always around 900MB. My concern is not only about performance but some hardware failure.

I can’t tell if the rpi4 is reliable or not. So maybe other users can talk about their experience with it. The most common problem I saw was the sdcard dying.

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