Haproxy + Yunohost?


J’ai utilisé yunohost il y a un petit moment, et si je l’avais quitté, c’était parce que je suis dans l’incapacité de mettre yunohost derriere mon reverse proxy.
ma backend : https://i.imgur.com/1AxmAL6.png

ma frontend (en listen du port 443), j’ai déjà d’autres services qui marchent parfaitement bien en Https frontend, mais qui sont en 80 backend

Merci beaucoup

Could be difficult to debug this haproxy config without seeing the other part of the config.

https reverse proxy could conflicts between them. You need to use “SNI” to choose where redirect your request.

Having one frontend that encrypt and an other that juste make a tcp reverse proxy is not an easy haproxy conf.

Note: do you know Yunohost offers a redirect app, that let you create reverse proxy on other server ? But in this case, YunoHost is the frontend server.