Graphical issues during installation

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Intel NUC NUC7CJYHN2
YunoHost version: Yunohost Bullseye 11.0.9 amd64 stable
I have access to my server : Direct access via keyboard
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : No

Description of my issue

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to install Yunohost on my Intel NUC for the first time and I can’t reach the install step.

I created a bootable USB key in ISO mode with Rufus and had no problem booting on it. However, before I can access the installation menu, I get these error messages:

error: png: bit depth must be 8 or 16.
error: file `/splash.png' not found.
error: png: bit depth must 8 or 16.

Press any key to continue...

Pressing any key takes me to this screen (which doesn’t match the official installation guide?):

Every type of installation I can do in this menu gives me a black screen.
I’ve tried both graphical and non-graphical installations: same result.

I tried several other tools (Ventoy, BalenaEtcher) and modes (ISO and DD) to create the USB: no difference.

I did some research into what could be the source of this error, but I couldn’t find anything close.

Any idea what might be going on?

Where you able to install debian 11?

Perhaps need first an bios upgrade ??

The built-in Intel UHD 605 graphic card works out of the box with the modesetting driver but it will also work withe the old intel driver xserver-xorg-video-intel.

If you have a graphical corruption at the top of the screen boot the kernel with i915.enable_fbc=0, See Xorg Bug 108085.

If you want to remove warnings about missing firmware(i915/glk_dmc_ver1_04.bin) install intel-microcode, iucode-tool and firmware-misc-nonfree

The previous OS I had installed on this machine was LibreELEC and I didn’t have any issue installing it.

I never tried to install a debian on it though.

Do you think I should start with a debian to see if it works?

That’s something I can try. I’ll get back to you once it’s done!

As for the rest, I am no expert in kernels and drivers but I’ll look into it.

Thanks for all the info!

Yep, nothing to loose


Here’s an update on the issue:

I tried to install Debian 12, and it installed flawlessly. No graphical errors or bugs, just a smooth installation.

I updated the BIOS, I was 6 versions behind, but it didn’t change anything.

I checked the kernel and driver tips but from the little I understood it doesn’t seem to very useful for me.

However, I tried again to start a non-graphical install (which I’d already tested previously and didn’t seem to work), and it actually worked…
I do get a black screen, but after a while I get to the installation menu.
So… problem solved I guess…
I came across another issue with disk partitioning, but that is another topic, so I’ll close this one.

Also, for whoever might find it useful, I didn’t mention it because I don’t know how it happened and I never could do it again, but before my first post I did succeed once to get a graphical install menu to show up. I don’t know why it worked though.

Thanks @jarod5001 and @rodinux for the help! Much appreciated!

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