Graphical Errors during installation

Hello there,

Im trying to install the yunohost 64bit 3.6 image via USB Stick on a Deskmini A300 with AMD Athlon 200 GE CPU.

Its booting from the stick and I can see the installer boot menu. No matter if I choose the normal or the graphical install it looks always like this:

(ok, no links - the picture is showing a totally unreadable installation screen due to graphical errors)

Beside the graphical mess the system is responding, I can see the mess moving if I use the arrow keys to change options. I guess its an issue with the linux display driver. Changing from the CPU internal graphics unit to the onboard graphic card didnt help.

The hardware is working, on the SSD intended to use with the server was an old Win10 installation which I bootet and it worked without a problem.

Hi there,

It looks like your computer is broken or something.

Maybe you can try to install any other linux distribution to see how it goes ?

Let us know,
Happy new year

As I wrote above, the hardware is working fine under win10. I also just started Linux Mint 19.3 without problems from usb-drive:


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