Graphical environment missing in virtualbox

Hey Guys. I just finished installing YunoHost on VirtualBox from the provided iso but i can’t get any graphical environment. Do i have to pass through the original iso of debian jessie and run the install script to get it or there is a way to active it in VirtualBox?
Can someone help please? I’m stuck on tty1. THANKS

YunoHost provides basically backend and web services, so you don’t need any graphical environment on the server (and it’s generally a bad idea). You just have to login to the YunoHost portal with a web browser.

Hey, thanks for the fast answer. How can i proceed then? I didn’t define any portal. Just a username and a password.

You must have chosen a domainname (say during installation.
So just type in your web browser.

hehehehehe:joy::joy::joy:. I didn’t add any just => Is there any way to redefine it|?

You can’t use “” as you (most probably) don’t own that domain name.
You can provide your own domain name if you already own one, or you can have a or domain for free (replace yourdomain by anything your want, provided it’s not already in use).
For now, you can change you setup by:

  • going to http://your_serveur_ip with your web browser
  • logging in with your admin password
  • going to Domains section
  • add a new domain
  • remove domain

You can also add some applications from the admin interface.

You will then be able to login to the portal via: http://yourdomain (the one you added above)

Thanks for the details. But how can i log on my server while i’m in console mode? Or do i have to use another computer? I tried via the server ip on my host computer but i can’t reach the guest server even bridged.
Do i have to configure anything on my router? I read about ports opening. => 8080

To recap:

  • you have installed YunoHost in a VirtualBox on a computer; that computer has Internet access and y ou configured the VM so it has Internet access as well, right?
  • From the host computer, you can then open a web browser, and try browsing to http://YunoHost_VM_IP_address --> that will display the web admin interface from where you can manage hosted domains (among many other things)

If you configured the VM with a bridged network interface, you should be able to contact the VM from the host computer.

Right now it has nothing to do with your router configuration. You may need to change its configuration later when you’ll want to access your server from outside your home. is my YunoHost_VM_IP_address. Sorry but I can’t access it trought the host machine using firefox:disappointed::disappointed_relieved::disappointed:. Do i have to use the local one? 127.0,0.1? I get the same error message => la connexion a ete reinitialisee.

You have to check the VM network configuration. How did you configure VirtualBox?
From the VM CLI, what is your IP (/sbin/ifconfig)? Can you ping outside (for example ping

Yes the problem is from VirtualBix because it can’t ping Can i switch to NAT network?

Now i can log on my server. I created succefully users and a demain but i can’t get to the applications list to install them so that i can test my domains. Need a guide please. => Failed to retrieve remote application list

All things are now correct. Thanks Jimbo

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