Gmail dropping emails forwarded by YH (was: Forward email to info@ to another email account)


´My YH server is running fine with a wordpress installation plus roundcube as webmail. However, I would like to forward emails the info@ address for my domain to a separate email account (or a list of accounts as this is for a small grassroots movement website organised by several people).

How would I do this? My main user account has the alias for info@, which I removed as I don’t want to forward all mails to root@ & webmaster@, etc. as well. When I set up a filter in Roundcube for emails containing info@ they are not forwarded as intended. When I set up a separate user with info@ as their email address and a mail forward set via YH’s user settings, emails are not forwarded.

Any idea what I could do to simply forward all emails at info@ to another address?

P.S.: I did not attach any logs or config files as I think this is more of a procedural matter, not one of editing config files.

good question which I can’t answer and I would also be interrested by this answer particulary if there is a solution to “forward to several users/mails” without installing a mailing list tool.

I did some digging yesterday and apparently the email do get sent, the ones from the roundcube filter. When I set a notification email that is also sent, the emails are processed. It’s just that the emails never reach their destination, at neither server that I specified (one is Gmail, the other one a local German provider).
One thing that I noticed is that in the mail.log it appears as if the addresses are rewritten with local equivalents that do not exist on the target server but that could just be me misinterpreting the log lines (first line, first.lastname@gmail is rewritten as

Where would header rewriting be set for postfix - /etc/postfix/

I have now found out that it is not something that YH can control, it just seems that Gmail is silently dropping mails forwarded by YH/postfix. I have absolutely no idea why that happens as all other providers that I have tried accept these forwarded emails, only Gmail is accepting them but does not deliver them to the recipient’s inbox.
Will continue to research, currently investigating if the mail server’s DKIM/DMARC DNS entries can affect this behaviour.

You can probably use the virtual table, one line with

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