Giving extra folder access to an app

Hi all.

I’m kind of new to Yunohost, so maybe I’m missig something obvious here…

My aim is simple: I want to be able to move torrents downloaded with Flood from /home/ to /home/yunohost.multimedia so MiniDLNA can see the files downloaded from flood and stream them.

I tried setting the ACL correctly, like so:

sudo setfacl -Rm u:flood:rwX /home/yunohost.multimedia
sudo setfacl -dRm u:flood:rwX /home/yunohost.multimedia

sudo systemctl restart flood-rtorrent.service
sudo systemctl restart flood.service

It didn’t work. Flood still can’t access /home/yunohost.multimedia.

I also tried adding flood user to multimedia group with sudo usermod -aG multimedia flood, it didn’t help either.

Can someone help?

Thanks a lot <3

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