Gimmie the news

This is for the devs.
As most ofyou know I do a podcast about Self Hosting and I am an unabashed staunch fanboy of Yunohost. If there are any news, tips, tricks, requests or messages that you devs have or wish to convey some emphasis to the users then please feel free to hit me up either here on the forums, Mastodon or email me at
I will be happy to pass any info on to the listeners.



I feel like we should form a working group for this though. To start to build up a workflow about how we would like to get the word out. I have been trying to do a bit of it too (see, for example).

For example, to be really effective, we should probably also engage within the usual places of the internet like twitter, facebook, instagram etc. to reach out further than our usual circle (the converted ones ;)). And that can be done in a practical way with cross-posting scripts etc.

YunoHost has no blog either, we could try for this.

Anyone else have some motivation to join in?


Ive always wondered why there was no blog, lol.
I would be happy to help out with that and social media stuff as well!

I’ll bring this to our contributor meeting tomorrow then.

Any preferences on what blogging software?

Not Wordpress. Lol
Me personally I like Plume with WriteFreely as a very close second.


Hey, so we are just discussing this then in the meeting. The notes are in:


It starts on line 32.

The TLDR; is:

  • We do not want another piece of infrastructure (Wordpress, Plume, etc.) because it is already quite too much to manage for the small team. So, what can we re-use?
  • The discourse is well used and well known. It produces an RSS feed for a category and this is already being done in the YunoHost admin. So, we can use the “Announcement” category for the blog posts and such. See Announcements - YunoHost Forum.
  • It was proposed that we can use a page which reads the RSS feed and shows something nice for readers.
  • We can try to make “draft” posts and have someone from core review them. After a while, when it is going well, we make a group and start to review/post ourselves.

So we could look into RSS → documentation tool? I will look as well.

Btw, I post here the “reports” of Encode, a small open source company that survives off of donations. It can be a good example of their communication style and what we might aim for:

Monthly Reports - Encode


Awesome! Thank you for the update. There really needs to be a good mumble android app. And by good I mean one that works.

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I use, it’s great!

Thats the one Im using. It was working but I havent used it for while. Im a bonehead so its prolly something I did, lol

Uuuh dunno which server you tried (if you were able to try it) but turns out our usual server was down tonight so we fallbacked to another server ?

I tried the usual server not the fall back.
But I couldnt connect to my server or my friends server either. So I think it was on my end.
Next time I will make sure I am not driving and on wifi on the laptop. Lol.

OK, I’ve got a plan. The DAT community do a very nice blog post / monthly newsletter which is open for anyone to submit news and then someone just compiles the list at the end of the month and publishes it. That is low energy and maintenance but still keeps the ball rolling. See for example. I am going to copy this format on the forum here and via Github and let’s see how it goes.


That sounds like a cool place to start.
But that isnt an automated script that will just consolidate the posts. Someone will have ro go physically write the post right?

Yep! It’ll probably be me but feel free to join and help :slight_smile:

I’ll do that mostly on Github. Perhaps make a new file in the news repository and let people review the text and also try to get some translations if possible.

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Oh I will definitely help. I can do that for sure. May not be a super technical writeup but I can write.
Whats the repo or have you set it up yet?

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Nevermind I found it!

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Cool! If anything is unclear, let me know. For now, just gathering things I see from the IRC chat, mastodon, posts and core development etc. and keeping an eye out. I’ll message you when we can get a first post out :sunny:

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