Get stucked in post install process with creating a new domain name



I’m new to Yunohost.
Made it through the guided graphical install on an old lapop with the latest amd64-iso to the post installation process on the webinterface.

The problem is that I cannot create a new domain neither at nor Every domain name and every combination from them I’ve tried ends with the message that it is unavailable. I also tried some names and combinations in german language.

How can I check previously for available domain names? Or what do I wrong?

Thank you very much.

Hmmm indeed, the corresponding service was crashed … going to restart it (Edit: done, should be working now)

A workaround can be to install your server with a dumb domain like “yunohost.local” or “whatever.test” and change the main domain later


Thank you very much. It’s working now.
Problem solved.
Have a nice day.

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