General questions about Borg for automatic backups

I’m looking to setup automatic backups using Borg. I have two Yunohost servers. First, a web facing VPS with limited storage (Webbie). Second, a home server that is only visible on the LAN (Homie).

  1. Is it possible to use Borg+Borg server backup my web facing server to the LAN only server via Tailscale?
  2. Currently Yunohost triggers backups before upgrading apps. Is it possible to have Yuno trigger Borg to backup just before an app upgrade, too?
  3. How relatively difficult is a Borg to Borg backup via Tailscale likely to be? I have no problem running Yuno, but haven’t dealt with Borg/Tailscale before.

Thanks for any thoughts/opinions/experiences, everyone!

Had you some success with Borg/tailscale ?

I have no experience with Tailscale, but I recall it being based on Wireguard which is almost SSH-in-infrastructure-mode (as with Wifi ad-hoc vs infra :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, I run borg over SSHFS in the same scenario as you do/intend to, with the difference that there is no permanent VPN but just the SSH connection for the FUSE-mount. There are some VPS’s with small disks, that run Borg to the larger “off site” backup at home.

With a VPN running, you could use any network filesystem mounted at the Borg backup-location on Webbie, so that any file that is written there, actually is written to storage at Homie.


  1. Possible? Yes!
  2. Trigger borg? Maybe if you change Yuno-scripts, but not by easy config. What is the reason you ask?
  3. Easy? I forgot whether Borg had “network-location” as configuration option. If not, you’ll have to chose a network filesystem that you can mount on the location where Borg writes its files.

I’d start with Borg on Homie, at first just local, then network FS on the same Homie to test the settings for network access, and then take it to Webbie.

Good luck!

Edit: I only now noticed the thread is a bit older…


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