Gateone and Email

Hi there,

Just setup yunohost and loving it so far. I have to questions though regarding Email as well as Gateone.

1 - Email:

I set up an account and setup RoundCube. I was testing it out by sending emails from it and sending emails to it. I noticed that I am able to send emails from it and receive them at the account I sent them too but when i send an email too it I do not receive the emails and get Delayed sending emails on the account sending the email to the yunohost email. Any reason why it is not receiving the emails?

2 - Gateone:

I installed gateone using the following link: It said it was successful but upon visiting the webpage associated with gateone I get a 402 Bad Gateway error. When I checked the status of gateone it said it was not enabled so I tried the following commands:

yunohost service start gateone AND service gateone start

I then rechecked the status of gateone using yunohost service status. But it was still not enabled. I have not been able to find any logs in regards to gateone to check why it is not starting up.

Any help with the above issues would be greatly appreciated.


2 - GateOne

If I remember well, GateOne has been replaced by “Shell in a Box” as default remote ssh web client.
“Shell in a Box” is less sexy, but it does the same job and it is directly available in Debian, without google code inside.

What do you mean ?

Isn’t your email marked as spam ?

Please, make an effort about redaction, because I barely understand the question.