Galene files in yunohost


I am looking for support in adding users to Galene app. I know I have to add users and password to json file. Where do I find the app json file in yunohost, e.g. /usr/share/apps/… ???

Thanks for help.

I found the files. They are not in /var/www for this app.

They are in /opt/yunohost/ in case anybody is looking for them in the future!!!

In the future, this will be explained in the readme (in github repo). I made a Pull Request for that, but I did not have time to finish it: README : groups documentation + several improvements by lapineige · Pull Request #11 · YunoHost-Apps/galene_ynh · GitHub

Meanwhile, you can find those explanations here: GitHub - lapineige/galene_ynh at patch-1

Glad to see you found a solution :slight_smile:

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