Galene conferencing app . Live Memory usage?

Would you know how Galene works for live memory, example a 4g vs 8g vs 16g pc.
Will app be too weak with only 4g ram or does it also make use of visitor’s pc?
You know number of rams needed per amount of visitors ? Beause i’m shopping for new pc.

Galène is not CPU hangry, 4g seems more than enough. more info on

Galene should run fine in 128MB of memory if you don’t have too many users. The instance at has 2GB of memory, and I’ve never seen it go over 512MB used, even when it’s being used by hundreds of users at a time.

Galene runs fine on an ARM board with 512MB of memory. It doesn’t work on a MIPS board with 32MB of memory (it works at first, but then crashes with an out-of-memory error).

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